Strategy planning By Chris Cornelius

So you’ve invented the next great gadget, and you’re sure it’ll be a hit. In fact, you’ve got cartons of inventory stored in every room of your house that you’re itching to sell, sell, sell. Your test market said they love it, but how can you reach the legions of consumers you’re sure will want to buy it?

Welcome to Sales 101. While there are countless books you can read about sales and marketing, here’s a relatively simple, proven strategy that’ll teach you how to market a product and grow your sales.

Create a Sales Plan
First, define your market as accurately as possible so you have a deeper understanding of exactly who you’re selling to. For example, instead of all women, it may be working women with above-average incomes and kids under age 5. Instead of all men, it may be divorced men in their 40s with six-figure salaries. The more specific you get, the more accurately you’ll be able to target your sales and marketing efforts, choosing the sales channels most receptive to your product.

Next, you’ll need to develop a sales plan. Before you groan, “Another plan,” understand this can be a simple document for your eyes only that’ll help you organize and think through your sales strategy. Write it in a way that makes sense for you. Typically, it should include the following:

Sales goals

These goals should be specific and measurable, not something like selling a million units. Base them on the nature of your product and try to break them down into manageable parts. For example, sell 50 units to end-users in 30 days and sell 100 units to local independent retailers in six months.

Sales activities

 These are your tactics–how you plan to make the sale. You may say you’ll sell direct-to-consumer through a website or via craft shows, for instance. Or this part of the plan may include activities like developing a sell sheet to send to independent retail stores.

Target accounts

Your sales plan should also include the accounts you want to sell to. If it’s end-users, for example, plan how you’re going to reach them through eBay, classified ads or your website.


Put dates to all of the above elements so you can define your steps within a realistic timeline. Don’t forget that your timelines should be fluid–if you’re underachieving, your sales plan can help you figure out why and define the corrective steps you need to take.

Finally, follow a proven process for growing sales over time. While it would be fabulous to have Jumia or Jiji carry your product right out of the gate, it may not be realistic. Most large retailers want to see a track record of successful sales before agreeing to take on a new product.

Build Your Market

To learn how to bring a product to market, begin by selling directly to end-users. This’ll give you confidence that there’s demand for your product and will also create referenceable customers that you can contact for product and packaging feedback before you hit the bigger leagues. So where can you reach your end-users? ADVERTISING 

The web is one highly effective channel, and you can reach your market through your own website or via a site like eBay or the popular ones in Nigeria not to mention names.

You can also tap into your own personal network as you begin. Host a home party to share your product with friends and friends-of-friends, sell through local community groups and e-mail your network.

Once you get feedback directly from your customers, refine the packaging and price point before approaching your next market–wholesalers. You’ll probably start with small, independently owned, local stores. It’s a good idea to start with them before hitting larger chain stores because it’s easier to get in touch with the direct decision-maker, and they’re more inclined to take on new, unique or hard-to-find items to differentiate themselves from larger stores. To sell to these retailers, be prepared and bring a product sell sheet, photos, product samples (if possible) and a succinct introductory letter to explain what’s in it for them, highlighting your product’s profit margin, features and benefits, and proven sales record.

Expand to New Markets

Once you’ve established sales strength with independent retailers and are ready to support new markets, it’s time to sell to the big guns. Of course, exactly who those big guns are will depend on your product. For some, it’s powerhouse general mass retailers, like Wal-Mart and Target, while other products will fit more specialized but equally powerful retailers, like Williams-Sonoma, The Sharper Image and Sephora.

Note that when dealing with these major accounts, the sale is just the beginning of the deal. Handling fulfillment, returns, rollbacks, slotting fees, advertising and more will require strengthening your business’s infrastructure and resources.

But back to the sale. What’s the best way to approach a larger retailer? Here’s a quick cheat sheet:

Get the correct buyer

One of your biggest challenges is finding the right buyer within a large organization, so do your homework. If you’re experiencing roadblocks, consider hiring a distributor or manufacturer’s rep who already has established relationships in your industry.

Be prepared

 Develop a presentation and have professional-looking sell sheets ready. Your product should also have packaging that’s ready to go.

Know your target

Understand what products they already carry and how yours will fit in. Don’t waste your time pitching to a retailer who’s unlikely to carry your product.

Take advantage of special programs

Some mass retailers, such as Wal-Mart, have local purchase programs that give managers authority to try local items. And other retailers may have different initiatives, such as minority business programs.

Be patient

It can take up to a year or longer before you see your product on store shelves, so don’t get frustrated. And if the final answer is no, try to turn it into a learning experience.

Finally, remember there are other sales channels besides the traditional brick-and-mortar retail store. Catalogs, TV shopping networks and online stores can also be excellent methods to enable you to learn how to market a product online.




1. Ibeju Lekki ( Lagos free trade Zone)

Initiated with the President’s approval in 2002, the Lagos Free Trade Zone in ibeju lekki is the first private owned free trade zone in Nigeria. Designed to serve as an integrated hub with active road, rail and sea links, the Lagos Free Trade Zone is set to open up the investment, business and tourism potential of Nigeria to the world.

 2.Shimawa (Mowe)

an area located along lagos ibadan expressway having now houses tens of thousands of houses in differents areas with many real estate companies acquiring and developing  new sites everyday. shimawa is an area to look into

3. Ikorodu
If you are looking to investing in areas in Lagos that will give over 200% increase in few years, ikorodu is one of the areas you want to look into as many lands in the area are fast selling and the goverments efforts in building the 4th mainland bridge that will cut accross key areas of the state and terminate in ikorodu  is making this so as many now know by the time the bridge is constructed they can leave their houses and get to eork in a short time.

as an investor, thinkinh long term is the key. No one would ever believe how berger, iyana ipaja and different areas of lagos suddenly transformed in a shortwhile,but those who bought properties then now are major and key players today. invest in ibeju lekki , ikorodu and shimawa today and reap your dividend in few years.

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5 Important Secrets To Maximize Capital When Starting A Business

Here You are in Africas largest economy oabout to start your business in lagos, you are so full of zeal, passion and very expectant, you’ve done all research that needs to be done in other to start your business, but yet you have limited funds to spend in other to make great profits.
Ultimate Question! Why do most startups seize to exist most after 2 years of starting up their business or why do they end up struggling? As a business developer and successful Chief Executive my self starting Digi Sale Solution business in lagos with a laptop in a sitting room to having several staffs in about three continents of the world offering cutting edge irresistible services. Here are the 5 mistakes most start ups make or made, or secrets they didn’t know and this is how to avoid those mistakes and maximize your capital to make so much profit from the start of your business in lagos.

Choose Affordable Business Registration Options

Many startups, young CEOs,or even intending ones make huge mistakes in the start of their business in lagos to make good money, they want to go for the highest registration options with little capital, there’s absolutely nothing wrong in doing this if you can afford it, but my target audience in this article are startups, who started a business with little or nothing or want to start a business in lagos with little or nothing. The greatest mistake you don’t want to make in your Business is starting off with way too high registration beyond your budget all because you didn’t know that with as low as 15 thousand Naira you can have your business registered and start getting jobs and access to certain loans in Nigeria and if you live in the U.S with as low as 250$ you could get your business started and then when you start making the money, you can update your registration to any level or standard or even choose to add more board of directors as you wish to existing ones as policies in business registrations in Nigeria have changed and suited for start ups like you. For easy guide on how to register your business with as low as 15k read post till end.

Start With Work Stations

Another mistake most startups doing business in lagos or about to do business in lagos with little capital make is going to pay for ground rent of up to a year for a company or business that is just starting and yet to make profit. Then they start struggling to pay salaries or overhead cost and eventually not been able to renew their rent and eventually die.
Maybe you are even about starting one and thinking about how you are going to pay for an office space to complete your business registration or to have an operational space, well , here is the goodnews. If you live in Lagos, abuja Or Portharcourt and wish to do business in these states, there are works stations that charge as low as one month and 25k per month giving you board rooms to attend to your guest and a receptionist to assist you with receiving of clients and some even offer virtual offices for freelancers to use address on platforms where it’s needed for as low as 2,500 per month. YES! so the problem of office space is solved. just move straight to point three. To know about how to get a work station to do business in lagos, see end of this post.

Have Steady monthly visibility budget

A german business specialist once said, “doing business without advertizing, is like winking at a lady in the dark”. How true.
One of the mistakes many startups doing business in lagos make is saying “my own people will come” or let me get some prophet to prophesy on my business. Hmm.
In as much as prayer is good, prayer without work is dead. Why do you think brands like coca-cola, big banks, already popular brands still pay people like artistes and musician to be the face of their brand. It’s because , people buy from who they know or trust. For your goods or services to be out there, you need to shout it out, there is a potential client among the 20million people who live in lagos or your state who need your products, but they can’t see you. They don’t know you! even if they see you once, they need to keep seeing you to remember you and build trust for you and your product. where are most people this days? on social media, with their phones and electronic gadgets. As a start up, all the money you have saved from cutting costs as explained above, if you put it into advertising your products, you will never struggle in business. get a social media plan or training for yourself to use to give your business visbility according to your budget, but be consistent with it and watch your money pile up in your new business in lagos.
To get social media advertising  packages for your business in lagos of as low as 4 to 5k for your products per week, see end of post.

Render Multiple services. Get into Patnerships.

Having followed the steps above concerning your new business in lagos, you definitely will start getting calls and inquiries into what you do. The mistake you don’t want to make is telling your leads that you only do one thing and have no clue of the other. Why do you think soft drinks company have apple, orange, cola flavor or detoxifiers? it is to enable you choose from varieties and see them as a solution house. Dangote gives you sugar, cement and the rest. Even countries like Nigeria that only trade in one commodity, you see the impact on the economy during low demand of that commodity. Sell complementary products to your product or sevices, add belts to shoe selling, add raw food stuffs to cooked food stuff, add directing or producing to just singing alone. Your income will increase by 70% according to research if you offer complementary products. so if they don’t buy one, you can upsell to buy the other or even cross sell. The good news is you don’t have to be the one who manufactures or deal in the other product, just patner with someone who does and in close proximity to your business in lagos, and have an availabilty agreement during demand with them, so it looks like your product to your client. Hope you know Asus produces Apple panels, ibm does produces panels for microsoft, same with car radios and upholsteries, Gps systems in cars and many more, they are done by separate companies from the manufacturer. To know about which complementary services to add to your business, see end of post.

Never start with full time employees. Outsource!

I can’t explain this enough. don’t forget i’m talking to startups with little capital ,not talking to big pocket guys doing business in lagos.
one of the mistake start ups make in trying to set up a structure for their business in lagos is the headache of paying salaries. With upwork, fiver available, you can request for professionals who want to work as freelance to show up and get your job done depending on what you do. You can advertise for partime staffs to come for interview who want to work twice or thrice per week, you will be surpised at how many people are willing for partime jobs because of the stress of fatigue everyday. you will get mums who live in lagos amongs this people too who want to have a sense of leaving home and doing something, rather than just stay at home, or new school leavers or folks seeking for admission, people that can be available on call, fresh graduates and ‘Call Staff’; and as your business in lagos grows, you can train them to taste and finally decide who works with you. it will also save you of hire and fire stress, because you have worked with them and know who is who. Need assistance with this too?


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this local government consists of ise, okun ise, abijo , lepia, and a host of others.

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In business, most of the sales/Growth puzzles are solved if this five questions above are answered.

Who Needs My Product a.k.a Who Are Your Customers?

many start out businesses with the aim of only making gains but never getting to know who their  potential clients are; unknowing to them, this is the  exact reason they pass by a lot of potential clients but because they are not aware of who they are, they tend to loose opportunities of selling more of even making the most of their profit in their business. A clear understanding of who your customers are makes you know where to meet them, how to reach them , on what platform they are and how much you will budget to meet them.  A clear understanding of your customer avatar is the key to upscale your present income 200% from what it is presently. This takes us right to step two.

Where Are They?

After identifying who your customers are, the next thing you want to do in your business is to know where to reach them. This will enable you move in the same direction with them by putting your adverts or channeling your marketing in their direction and doing all you can to get your products visible to them. if they are your customers as you have  outlined them to be in your step one above, you are sure to get increased yield in your returns on investment and more products sold if you can reach them where they are.

How Can I Reach Them?

The greatest mistake you don’t want to make in sales is to do what certain people do“putting square pegs in round holes”.

This is the worse mistake you dont ever want to make when selling your products to you ideal customer having known how to reach them. Some of the customer of company A might have strong presence in a mall, you might want to get few marketers to go out there and reach out to them or simply place a spot in the mall or close to it just to be seen by them, but company B might have most of their potential clients on instagram, you don’t want to go into a mall and having a spot there to reach them when they are cooling their time off online, you want to drive your product to meet them online where they are on that social media space. once you know who your ideal customer is, go all out and have a date with them on that site they are so they can see what you have that they can’t resist.

How Can I Get Their Attention?

Fine! you finally got to know where your customers are, the next thing on your mind is you are thinking, now ,what can I do to get their attention to what I do or sell now that I am on their space. At this point you are trying to “do like the jew, when you in their midst “or give to ceasar what belongs to it” as the common saying. At this stage you now know your customer, but from knowing who they are you now know what gets their attention. for example , your ideal customer spends most of their time on instagram checking the pictures and feed of others, you don’t want to reach them not having nice pictures of your products as you already know they love quality pictures, you also want to write catchy stories like the links they love to click on instagram, just to get their attention to your product. you want to write something interesting about what you sell and make the story around it and also interesting enough for them to make a decision on your product

How Do I Convince Them?

At this stage, you already have done your homework right in identifying and answering the four puzzles above. Now, they have shown interest. How do you now convert that inquiry from them into business deals? This has been your aim from day one or start of the process. To get more Buyers. Sell More products! Many start ups and even firms that seem to be doing well, put a lot of resources in the four stages above and fail at the last stage; Conviction! I need to say that Chris’s law of success in business states that when the conviction rate of a sales team is low, the result they get in directly proportional to the companies turn down in months or a year, and inversely proportional to the closure of the company soon. What this means is that  as a start up or growing bussiness, no matter what you do in the first four processes above , do all you can to have a strong closing team who can close business deals that you started above. in some cases you might need to send your team for trainings in telemarketing, CRMs, and the rest as some of your clients would call your sales or company line, you don’t want to have someone who isn’t aware of all your efforts in the processes above to just attend to a prospect shabbily and thus ending the process you started without results, hence , yielding to having to feed the process again from start.

That’s where DigiSale Solution comes in. We are set up to keep businesses and clients covered, we are here to bridge the gap. Offering training to firm on sales Development, Specific sales/lead generation training for specific businesses, Digital marketing training to enhance growth in business, Deal Closing, Customer Relations Management.

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