Fact is, regarding Digital Marketing, there are training institutes and there are training institutes. But when Digital Marketing Training is down to the entire city of Lagos, in Nigeria, one company stands out as one of the best in the industry.

And the name of that company is DIGISALE SOLUTION.

Training to become a digital marketer in 2021 is one the most in demand skills and job requirement for the 21st Century. This is because, almost all businesses are currently going online and they need people with the right Digital Marketing skillsets to help them maintain and manage their online presence.

But, the painful reality is, not every Digital Marketing Training Institute in  Lagos, “knows their onion”.

So, the million dollar question is: what brand is this DigiSale Solution Company mentioned earlier and what do they do?

This post will walk you through everything you need to know about DigiSale Solution, plus even show you how you can register to take a course with the company.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into it.

DigiSale Solution is an internationally-recognized Digital Marketing Training Institute headquartered in Alausa, in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria and an annex office in Houston Texas, USA. In addition, the company boasts of the presence of a Dubai trained Digital Marketing Chief Executive Officer who sits atop its Management Board.

DigiSale Solution we prides itself as the best-in-class Digital Marketing Training Institute, in Lagos, with an illustrious track record of having successfully trained over 4870 students in both in Nigeria and overseas.


It is commonplace knowledge that DigiSale Solution have done and are still doing a great job as Digital Marketing Institute, because all their alumni have gone ahead to start producing amazing financial results from the skills they impacted in them, either through switching over to high-paying digital careers, starting their own digital marketing agencies or putting those skills to use in the existing businesses to boost sales and increase their revenue.



List of High-Ticket Skills Digisale Solution Teaches.

Among other high-ticket skills that DigiSale Solution teaches their trainees  which distinguishes them from the chasing pack are but not limited to those listed below:

Now, the amazing part which even further distinguishes DigiSale Solution as the number one Lagos’ Digital Marketing Training Agency, is that they have exceptionally integrated DROPSHIPPING/ECOMMERCE module into our course outline.

Dropshipping, -(direct) for people who don’t exactly know what it is, is a type of business model that allows one to import hot and fast-selling products from USA and China at very low price and sell them here in Nigeria with very high –(up to 800%) profit margin. 

To learn more about dropshipping and how you can sign to our training on it, kindly click here: https://digisalesolution.com/dropshipping/

And guess what? No single other Digital Marketing Training Institute, not only in the entire city of Lagos, but the whole of Nigeria, teaches dropshipping as a module of their digital marketing course.

Again, if you happen to take a visit to the DigiSale Solution office, one thing their staff confidently say to you that they know that dropshipping/ecommerce business model produces profit like talisman.

Why? Because, not only have they used it to turn around the financial fortunes of thousands of their currents students and alumni, but also they practice what preach. Which means DigiSale Solution is a fully recognized Lagos-based company dropshipping products from China and USA.

Some Additional Services DigiSale Solution Offers to Trainees

One of the things that’s uniquely awesome about DigiSale Solution Digital Marketing Training Institute is that they have gone the extra mile of embedding what they call Business Development Advice–(BDA) as a course module into their training.

The CEO of the Digital Marketing Training Institute argues that they came up with this amazing idea because they understand from experience in the industry that there’s a business angle to every skill they coach their trainees on. And the truth really is, not everyone who excelled in class during a digital marketing training class can actually go ahead and translate those skillsets/knowledge into MONEY and make WEATH out them.

Hence, the reason they set up online businesses for majority of their trainees right from their 3rd class to enables them begin making money while still learning.

Secondly, at digisale solution institute student are the best because the school has a 100 percent practical approach to their digital marketing and dropshipping trainings.

Thirdly, training happens on Saturdays from 9am to 5pm where students are given two complimentary meals and have unlimited access internet data throughout the period of the training. While, the Digital Marketing Course lasts for 6 weekends, the Dropshipping Course takes 4 weekends to complete. And the online remote version takes an average of two months to complete.

Fourth, Digisale solution doesn’t just leave graduands of its institute to either “swim or sink in the sea of digital marketing” after each class. As it training doesn’t end on those Saturdays, but continues in the form of project works, assignments and supports-(either remote or one-on-one basis) every Tuesdays and Thursdays.

In fact, the institute has both a 3 and 6 months after graduation support system, which allows it’s alumni to come back and ask for help in various areas they might need help.

In addition, digisale solution also does have a flexible payment plan which enables individuals of different income categories the opportunity to able to register for their trainings.

Couple with the fact, that after graduation, the company helps link and connect some of their alumni with international job offers, which DigiSale Solution has access privileged access to.

So in wrapping up this post, if you are currently searching for a digital marketing training institute in Lagos that will give the maximum value for your hard earned money, then look no further. As DigiSale Solution is your most assured go-to institute.

To learn more about how you can reach us at DigiSale Solution, and sign up for one our upcoming batch of training, kindly visit:



And to hear what people are saying about us, kindly check out the link below:



Learn to create marketing content, use social media to amplify your message, make content discoverable in search, run ad campaigns and advertise on Facebook. Additionally, learn how display and video ads work and how to market with email, and measure and optimize with Google Analytics and become Business owners, Brand Strategists. Certified digital marketing professional training in Lagos-Nigeria
Digital marketing in Lagos has become a lucrative skill, the highest-paid digital marketer in Lagos received $1000
Why is it important to learn digital marketing?

Digital marketing lets them reach a wider audience, scale their business further, and generate more revenue. Setting up a business online, running ad campaigns, developing content strategies are a few of the tasks a digital marketing expert does to provide such results.
What is the benefit of learning digital marketing?
The benefits of digital marketing include:
• Global reach – a website allows you to find new markets and trade globally for only a small investment.
• Lower cost – a properly planned and well-targeted digital marketing campaign can reach the right customers at a much lower cost than traditional marketing methods.
• Trackable, measurable results – measuring your online marketing with web analytics and other online metric tools makes it easier to establish how effective your campaign has been. You can obtain detailed information about how customers use your website or respond to your advertising.
• Personalisation – if your customer database is linked to your website, then whenever someone visits the site, you can greet them with targeted offers. The more they buy from you, the more you can refine your customer profile and market effectively to them.
• Openness – by getting involved with social media and managing it carefully, you can build customer loyalty and create a reputation for being easy to engage with.
• Social currency – digital marketing lets you create engaging campaigns using content marketing tactics. This content (images, videos, articles) can gain social currency – being passed from user to user and becoming viral.
• Improved conversion rates – if you have a website, then your customers are only ever a few clicks away from making a purchase. Unlike other media which require people to get up and make a phone call, or go to a shop, digital marketing can be seamless and immediate.


You are probably thinking: “Well, here’s another abstruse word. Isn’t there a lot of conventional or online marketing, or web marketing? “But digital is not as scary as the name itself sounds. And his methods are successfully used by many companies, sometimes without even knowing it. To clarify, we have described that part of the digital-marketing

Digital marketing is a generic term for product and service marketing that uses digital channels to attract and retain customers. And any – from advertising on online radio to advertising contextual advertising on the Internet. In simple terms, digital marketing is any promotion in which digital is involved.

Do you need a specific background?

Let me give you an example. A few days ago, I watched a well-known investor’s webinar. He said he went to a neurosurgeon for an examination. When they started talking, he discovered that the neurosurgeon was taking an online digital marketing course! The doctor said that he should pay the application N 600 for each patient and he should charge the patient N 1,200. He wanted to cut an additional N600 for his patients. 

So, he decided to study digital marketing in order to do effective marketing on his own and reduce costs!
Who would have thought that a neurosurgeon – the highest branch of medicine – would learn digital marketing!
Today it is the main source of passive income for students.

Job Opportunities for Digital Marketers

There are different types of vacancies for different categories depending on your interests.  

“A jack of all trades knows nothing, but is often better than a jack of all trades.”

It is better to master several categories to your liking.

With experience, you gain experience, and your salary increases, but that doesn’t mean that as a beginner you won’t get a job! There are digital marketing jobs for newbies.

Let me give you some examples of digital marketing jobs and paychecks! I am showing the salary in dollars and naira because most of the time you are paid in your currency 

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Earnings – $ 54,000 per year. ₦22,259,880

This is one of the most sought-after jobs in the digital marketing industry. This is one of the core skills you need to master as a digital marketer.


Content strategist

Earnings – $ 73,000 per year ₦30,092,060
Every company needs someone to help them create the perfect content that suits their audience. After all, “content is king.” If you master this skill, a great future awaits you.


Content Marketing Manager

Earnings – $ 81,000 per year ₦33,389,820

Marketing is the key to customer acquisition. You can master some marketing skills that can be used by companies to promote their content. If you enjoy interacting with your audience, this could be the perfect social media marketing job!


Social media manager

Earnings – $ 50,000 per year ₦20,611,000

Many influencers and celebrities hire a social media manager to manage and grow their social media account. If you learn to manage it, you will get paid! This is one of the most popular skills among students!


Paid ad manager

Fee – $ 47,000. ₦193,743,40.00

Companies promote their products through social media ads. There is a separate course for this. If you think this is right for you, you can always go for it.

These were some examples. You can always work as a freelancer on your own terms and earn good money.

Many people choose to freelance because it is convenient and you have your own working hours. You can choose any project you want!

Here are some examples of digital marketing freelance jobs:



These are some of the freelance digital marketers. They charge an hourly fee based on their experience and skills!

The best part of being a freelancer is freedom. In addition, India is one of the largest centers for freelancers. 

Adding digital marketing to your skills will boost your profile!

How to start digital marketing?

To start digital marketing, you need to understand the various areas of work available.

There are basically 7 categories!

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Marketing content
  • Social media marketing 
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email marketing

You can master one or more skills! But it’s always advisable to get as many categories as possible. Most things are interconnected, so if you have the full skill set, you should be able to handle projects very well.

Start with the basics

You need to start from the very beginning. There are many sources available on the Internet. If you don’t like reading, you can go to YouTube. Or visit our website  www.digisalesolution.com

Digital Marketing Training In Lagos and Nigeria

Digital marketing or internet marketing is changing rapidly and evolving – if you want to stay on top of trends and new tools, you need to constantly learn. In this article, we have compiled relevant training programs for beginners, professional marketers, and people who plan to independently engage in website promotion. However, there are few institutes that teach these current trends in digital marketing, of such training, is the notable Digisale solution known for its digital marketing courses in its lagos,port Harcourt and florida offices they also offer online Premium courses.

Courses in Digisale solution

1. Creation of Landing Page

A course that will teach you how to design, design, launch effective conversion landing pages and increase the number of customers.

The course consists of five lectures. The lectures tell about the principles of a personal page, the stages of its creation, functional elements, design, and how to increase the effectiveness of the landing page. Each lecture describes the theory in detail, step by step and with illustrations, gives practical advice, examples, and expert comments. At the end of the lectures, there are homework assignments for creating a landing page.

The course is intended for marketers, designers, business owners, and anyone else who wants to create or improve an existing effective landing page.

2. Basics of Digital Marketing/Internet Marketing

A beginner’s course for a shallow immersion in the field of marketing. During this time, attendees get acquainted with a small amount of material, but you will receive manuals and instructions for further study.

Together with the teacher, students create a group on a social network, fill it with content and attract the first potential customers. In the process, the strategies of successful Internet companies are being studied, from which you can learn from the experience and outline a vector for the development of your own business.

The program is intended for those who are interested in internet marketing and plan to develop their online business. At the end of the course, a certificate of completion and access to video recordings of classes are issued.

3. Digisale Solution training of Internet Marketing

Digisale solution coaches conduct face-to-face courses for their specialists in digital marketing and contextual advertising. Later, recordings of these lectures appear on the official website, where everyone can familiarize themselves with them.

The main audience of the course is beginner marketers and business owners who want to understand the principles of online advertising. Here you will learn how to work with Digisale courses for business on a professional level: place ads through facebook. Direct, analyze site statistics in google analytics. Sem rush, sell products on on your landing pages. Market and make payments via paystack or cash on delivery.

In fact, the course is a set of classic tasks that any business faces. For example, how to inform the audience about a new product launch or increase the average bill. DigisaleSolution coaches will tell you how to deal with them and share their personal experiences.

4. Basics of advertising in Google AdWords

Digisale Solution will teach you how to properly set up contextual advertising for Google so that search will only show advertisements to those users who are interested in them.

The program consists of two modules: first, you will learn how to properly set up advertising campaigns, and then you will analyze the result and optimize the settings for the next launch. In parallel, study the principles of Google Adwords, its main functions, and capabilities.

we also have some videos that will guide you on how to successfully run an advert on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and other social media platforms this information is enough to independently launch advertising in a search engine.

The course is designed for marketers and small business owners who want to attract target audiences to the site and advertise services or products over the Internet.

5. Online Training

Digisale Solution experts will tell you how to get the most out of your investment in online promotion. These are detailed lectures for those who want to perfectly master facebook google Adword etc. and other company products in order to keep abreast of the latest trends in online marketing.

To start learning, select the tool of interest and go to the list of articles. From them, you can gain theoretical knowledge, for example, the basic concepts of web analytics or the principles of action of contextual advertising, as well as practical recommendations for working with a specific tool.

 This is a set of tasks that you will most likely face in your work: determine how many visitors Facebook will record or explain in what situation you need to update the price list on Facebook. Market. Then you open the correct answer and see if you coped with the task.

After studying the courses, you can get a DigisaleSolution certificate in Internet marketing or web analytics. To do this, you need to be tested with theoretical questions and practical tasks.

6. Marketing strategy in the digital environment

How a company’s website should look like and what tools should be used to promote it on the Internet –

The course consists of 4 modules: from general information to a more complex, in-depth study of the topic. First, students are introduced to the stages of developing a digital strategy and taught to identify key performance indicators. The second part of the course is the actual development of the site, including design and layout. Then the issues of website promotion are considered. The last week is devoted to analytics and evaluation of the results of the work done.

During this time, you will master a new skill – you will be able to develop a strategy, assemble a landing page, calculate a banner sales funnel, or analyze data from Google. Analytics and Facebook

7. Practical course of internet marketer

A course for entrepreneurs, executives, and aspiring marketers who want to gain experience in solving real-world problems.

Digisale solution runs face-to-face digital marketing courses and online courses in Lagos and Portharcourt Nigeria, but there is an online program for those unable to attend in person. Remote participants are given access to video broadcasts: they are fully involved in the process and ask questions to teachers. Online classes are half the price of face-to-face classes.

On the “Practical course of Internet marketer”, unlike other programs, a lot of attention is paid to various types of advertising: contextual, targeted, media. Another non-standard topic in the course is mobile promotion. Users are increasingly interacting with sites via smartphones, so it is important to be able to work with mobile metrics and adapt your site to new conditions.

8. Profession - internet marketer

An online program for those who want to level up their marketing skills to professional heights.

The trainers are from Digisale solution agency, which provides services to increase sales to large brands. Therefore, more often than not, coaches with experience come to the course who are interested in working with large companies and improving their own qualifications.

After each webinar with a theory analysis, course participants are given a homework assignment. For him, the tasks that specialists face in working on real projects are selected. The coach comments on the assignment, analyze the errors, and suggests how to fix them.

In addition to the usual topics of Internet marketing, topics for in-depth study are also offered: the features of sales in online stores, work on the company’s reputation in search, the legal subtleties of advertising, the principles of partner networks, KPI calculation and employee motivation.

8. Internet marketer

A rich program of several courses for immersion in the profession.

During your studies, you will have to take seven theory courses: “Strategy in Internet Marketing”, “Website and Application Promotion”, “Methods to Increase Conversion”, “Creation and Optimization of Advertising Campaigns”, “Social Media Marketing”, “Email Marketing “And” Content Marketing “.

Each course has 8 webinars to explore the topic. First, the teacher gives theoretical information, and then students receive assignments and learn to apply the knowledge gained in practice. The results of the work can be discussed in chat with other students.

Digisale Solution provides an internship for everyone who enrolled in the course. During this time, you will be able to hone your skills and work on real tasks: launch advertising campaigns, collect mailings, generate leads, and establish a dialogue with customers. In general, build your own portfolio and become a real specialist.

9. Basic copywriting: write professionally

One of the most important components of Internet marketing is working with text, whether it is a section “about the company”, a newsletter, an advertising article, or an announcement on social networks.

In this course, you will learn how to write functional copy that will tell clients about your business. Digisale Solution coaches will acquaint students with the peculiarities of text in a digital environment, teach them how to evaluate its quality, keep the reader’s attention and choose a suitable formatting method.

For more about Digisalesolution Digital Marketing Training visit www.digisalesolution.com for more information.

how to know a good digital marketing training

Digisale digital marketing course focuses on the practical application of social media and digital marketing tools. It will teach candidates how to set up and maintain a presence in the digital and social world. You will learn how to plan, coordinate, deliver and test digital and social media marketing campaigns, and set targets to monitor the success of these campaigns. Over this course, you will design creative campaigns and innovative solutions for digital and social media.

As a good digital marketing training the institution must be a able touch these focus area

The training room design

Training room design is so much more than configuring a space and making sure that all of the latest audio/visual technology is in place. While necessary, the technological tools for training are just a part of the overall picture. There are a variety of items to consider such as the type of furniture needed, the size of the space, the acoustics involved, the location within a building, and much more. When designing an area for training, there are professional companies such as Data Projections that can be of immense help with everything from the needed technology to the proximity of the restrooms. All of these factors and more combine to make communication and collaboration between instructors and students more efficient, productive, and streamline the training process regardless of the size of the space.

There are many aspects of training room design that should be implemented for a successful training area. The following list is eight of the most important considerations:

  1. Furniture type and flexible layout – The furniture needs to be comfortable enough to be used for extended periods of time without putting undue strain on an individual, but not so comfortable that they are lulled to sleep. It should be appealing as well as functional. Chair and tables need to be placed in such a manner that no view is obscured and that everyone can hear clearly.
  2. Noise levels – Training room design should consider the level of noise that may be generated by a given session. Volume levels should not interfere with anyone’s ability to perform their job elsewhere in the building. A nearby noisy room is an inconvenience that can be avoided with proper consideration and adequate soundproofing.
  3. Good lighting – Both artificial and natural light can be used in conjunction to lessen eye strain. Efficient blinds can darken a room when required and prevent glare on whiteboards and high-definition monitors.
  4. Accessibility – It goes without saying that a training room should feature wheelchair accessibility. Not only is it the law, but it is also common courtesy. Every individual has the right to the training they need, in an atmosphere that is physically conducive to learning.
  5. Climate control – The HVAC system should function appropriately and should be as quiet as possible. The last thing that an instructor should have to worry about is the A/C to kick on with a loud thud and sound like an airplane flying overhead.
  6. Access to beverages – Breaks are essential to a long day at a seminar. Coffee, soft drinks, and water will make the trainees all the more comfortable and able to focus on the training session.
  7. Group areas – Areas for coffee breaks and places where attendees can gather in small groups for project collaboration and discussion throughout the training session are also important.
  8. Technology – Training room design is only as good as its weakest link, so the audio/visual capabilities must be first-rate. Data Projections specializes in training room technology and will evaluate a firm’s requirements and implement the ideal solution.