In business, most of the sales/Growth puzzles are solved if this five questions above are answered.

Who Needs My Product a.k.a Who Are Your Customers?

many start out businesses with the aim of only making gains but never getting to know who their  potential clients are; unknowing to them, this is the  exact reason they pass by a lot of potential clients but because they are not aware of who they are, they tend to loose opportunities of selling more of even making the most of their profit in their business. A clear understanding of who your customers are makes you know where to meet them, how to reach them , on what platform they are and how much you will budget to meet them.  A clear understanding of your customer avatar is the key to upscale your present income 200% from what it is presently. This takes us right to step two.

Where Are They?

After identifying who your customers are, the next thing you want to do in your business is to know where to reach them. This will enable you move in the same direction with them by putting your adverts or channeling your marketing in their direction and doing all you can to get your products visible to them. if they are your customers as you have  outlined them to be in your step one above, you are sure to get increased yield in your returns on investment and more products sold if you can reach them where they are.

How Can I Reach Them?

The greatest mistake you don’t want to make in sales is to do what certain people do“putting square pegs in round holes”.

This is the worse mistake you dont ever want to make when selling your products to you ideal customer having known how to reach them. Some of the customer of company A might have strong presence in a mall, you might want to get few marketers to go out there and reach out to them or simply place a spot in the mall or close to it just to be seen by them, but company B might have most of their potential clients on instagram, you don’t want to go into a mall and having a spot there to reach them when they are cooling their time off online, you want to drive your product to meet them online where they are on that social media space. once you know who your ideal customer is, go all out and have a date with them on that site they are so they can see what you have that they can’t resist.

How Can I Get Their Attention?

Fine! you finally got to know where your customers are, the next thing on your mind is you are thinking, now ,what can I do to get their attention to what I do or sell now that I am on their space. At this point you are trying to “do like the jew, when you in their midst “or give to ceasar what belongs to it” as the common saying. At this stage you now know your customer, but from knowing who they are you now know what gets their attention. for example , your ideal customer spends most of their time on instagram checking the pictures and feed of others, you don’t want to reach them not having nice pictures of your products as you already know they love quality pictures, you also want to write catchy stories like the links they love to click on instagram, just to get their attention to your product. you want to write something interesting about what you sell and make the story around it and also interesting enough for them to make a decision on your product

How Do I Convince Them?

At this stage, you already have done your homework right in identifying and answering the four puzzles above. Now, they have shown interest. How do you now convert that inquiry from them into business deals? This has been your aim from day one or start of the process. To get more Buyers. Sell More products! Many start ups and even firms that seem to be doing well, put a lot of resources in the four stages above and fail at the last stage; Conviction! I need to say that Chris’s law of success in business states that when the conviction rate of a sales team is low, the result they get in directly proportional to the companies turn down in months or a year, and inversely proportional to the closure of the company soon. What this means is that  as a start up or growing bussiness, no matter what you do in the first four processes above , do all you can to have a strong closing team who can close business deals that you started above. in some cases you might need to send your team for trainings in telemarketing, CRMs, and the rest as some of your clients would call your sales or company line, you don’t want to have someone who isn’t aware of all your efforts in the processes above to just attend to a prospect shabbily and thus ending the process you started without results, hence , yielding to having to feed the process again from start.

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